One of the most exciting parts of planning your Big Day is choosing your wedding flowers. However, it’s not as easy as just picking your favourite flowers and requesting them in your wedding colours. The following nine tips will help get you up to speed so we can talk flowers and work together to achieve your perfect look.  

1. Let your venue influence your florals. Opt for arrangements that look like they belong – clusters of wildflowers may look out of place in a formal ballroom. Keep in mind where the arrangements will be sitting. A round table compared to a long table can greatly influence the size and shape of your pieces.

2. Show, don’t tell! We want to see and feel your wedding the way you do. Bring colour swatches, fabric samples, and inspiration boards. Communicate clearly what you like and don’t like, but be open to modifications and substitutions. Don’t be afraid to say no. Remember – we are working with you to create something one of a kind for your wedding!

3. Budget. Florals account for approximately 10% of all weddings. Know your range and be open with us right from the beginning – we will build to your budget!

4. Flowers are seasonal. Understand that not all flowers are in season all of the time. Have an idea of when you’re getting married and what flowers will be available to you at that time. Remember, climate plays a big role – is your wedding indoors or outdoors?

5. Flowers have look alikes! If there is a flower that you really want but can’t get, or is out of your price range, ask about substitutions that look similar. For example; garden roses can often stand in for peonies and hydrangeas can pose as sweet peas. Don’t forget greenery!

6. Certain flowers evoke specific styles. Peonies and roses have a more classic feel while lush arrangements of big, soft blooms will look more romantic. Let us help you pick the style that will suit the overall look of your Special Day. The same goes for colour.

7. Size does matter. Don’t let your flowers overwhelm you. Ensure your bouquet isn’t too heavy or too fragrant. Blooms such as; lilas, lilies, gardenias, or tuberoses, are used best in moderation.

8. Recycle your blooms. Maybe your aisle arrangements can add colour to the cake table, or your bridesmaid bouquets can decorate the guestbook table. Ask us how you can reuse your florals!

9. Keep your guests in mind. Don’t let your flowers get in the way of socializing. Picture your tablescape as a whole and choose pieces that are low, or high, enough to encourage conversation. You don’t want your tables to look empty, but your guests also need room to eat.